Learn Python: Series Introduction

‘So You Want to Learn Python’ is a blog series about my own Python learning adventures. It’s designed to help others learn from scratch, or improve the knowledge of newcomers. I am writing this blog retrospectively, my first article being unsuited to complete beginners. I will add  beginner articles in due course.

The series will contain reviews of: learning platforms, books, online-tutorials and forums, that I have used, as well as  tutorials and advice drawn from anecdotes of my struggles!!! Everyone is different and so, whilst this reviews are built on my own experience of what works, I will try to be objective and not let my personal learning preferences cloud yours. If I find something doesn’t work for me I will try to suggest why it might work for you.

It certainly does seem like a struggle at times, spending hours going around in circles, trying to solve a simple problem. My advice is to keep at it, take the rough with the smooth. Some days you feel like a champion, others you will be overwhelmed by the daunting thought of how much needs to be learned.Understanding Python is difficult, in fact I think it is the most difficult thing I have attempted (and I have PhD in Chemistry). As you progress, success will become more regular, your understanding will increase and you will start to reap the rewards.


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