Poetry: The Great Education Monster (oFF-sted)

This poem was inspired by Geoff Barton and his article ‘This is a story about heads who end up losing their self-esteem, their health or their livelihoods. It is a story about Ofsted’

Before you read the poem I would like to make it clear who I am referring too:

You = DfE, Monster = OfSTED of course and Joker-man = MPs.

The Great Education Monster

Damm you education

You! Who arrogantly prescribes vocations
Based on a child’s intellectual location
Upon they’re forced into your class forsaken institution.

You! Who conditions the mind
And creates false perceptions
For the ego to entwine.

You! Who created a strange monster.

You! Who defines at the time
Pass boundaries and answers
In tabulated line
So intelligence declines.

You with your hypocrisy
Subtle lack of dignity
Selfish false claims of unity.

You! Who are lost and off track
Taken by the Joker-man
You’re in his political pact!

That’s the problem right there
The Joker-mans’ stare
His egos big and his lies are bare
Of this I’m sure you are aware.

Still Joker-man controls you shots
Loaded against our odds
What’s our votes hidden cost?

You! You never talk about the hidden cost,
I want to see your accounts.

You pay for your venture
Overfeed feed the monster
All at the expense of the teacher.

Controlled by those who have never worked in education
A practise far from their Joker-man vocation.

You! Who we no longer trust
You’ve brought it to a time when change is a must!

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