Market Report: Higher Education, the Edge Foundation

Recently I applied for a research job with the Edge Foundation, an ‘independent education charity dedicated to shaping the future of education to meet the demands of the 21st century global economy and ensure opportunity for all.’

As part of the interview I was required to give a short seminar/presentation about a recent report of their’s, ‘Our Plan for Higher Education’. The presentation I gave is  below and provides an overview of the whole report, it was designed to be a standalone and enhanced by narration. After viewing the overview you can download the full report in the link above.

Recent news would suggest that part of the report is now influencing recent government policy on fees, which are to be diversified according to discipline, costs and future income. Such diversification is important when it is considered that some degree’s are much cheaper to run and the fact that some degrees show negative graduate premiums! This is just one part of the findings of overall report, view the presentation to find out more.


Unfortunately, I did not get the role as my social science research experience was not abundant. I felt the reasons were slightly ironic and for me highlighted the lack of the the labour market to take responsibility for training, instead expecting universities to do it for them. Myself, I went to university to be academically challenged and developed rather than to be trained for a job at no/little expense to my future employer! Unfortunately, it would seem that since the Blair years the perceived role of universities has changed…

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